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FYTO, Inc.



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be to produce high quality food in a financially and environmentally sustainable way. In these challenges, we see opportunities for tremendous impact through ...

out of MIT in mid-2019 to commercialize solutions that allow for more sustainable production of animal feed and other agricultural products. FYTO's patent-pending

The future of agriculture has arrived. FEED | FOOD | FERTILIZER ULTRA-SUSTAINABLE What is FYTO? FYTO is a new technology company working to improve the ...

make the plants happy. What do we do? Fyto has developed a platform of sustainable agriculture. Yeah, yeah but what do we really do? Basically a lot. We’re




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News - Sustainable Build selected ALINA Technology as one of TOP10 innovations among sustainable construction and building industry. Sustainable Build ...

among sustainable construction and building industry. Davids Stebelis 21.06.2016 Accelerator, Accelerator Forum, Denmark, new materials, Sustainable Build ...

Build, sustainable innovation At the Danish accelerator forum Sustainable Build, the new technology created by Latvian company ALINA was rated as one of ...

of the top ten sustainable innovations in the construction sector. The competition evaluated 57 innovative technologies and products, with the ten most prospective ...

prospective selected to participate in the accelerator forum in Copenhagen. Sustainable Build has come in the house with the project partners who both have invested ...

with their expertise to develop and create sustainable solutions for the construction industry. Sustainable Build One source of Industry Foundation theme

forward-thinking agencies and government entities seeking a creative, competitive or sustainable edge, MCX help companies create the products of tomorrow […] Read More ...

research, Solvita Kostjukova Sustainable Build selected ALINA Technology as one of TOP10 innovations among sustainable construction and building industry ...

2016 Accelerator, Accelerator Forum, Denmark, new materials, Sustainable Build, sustainable innovation ALINA and ‘Plug and Play’ partnership ALINA innovation




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those who’ve been more sustainable say they’re inspired to find ways to keep being sustainable and 42% realize being sustainable is easier than they thought ...

thought. Six in 10 (59%) of those who admit being less sustainable during COVID-19 say they don’t like it, with 43% calling it a “necessary evil” and 36% ...

furloughed or seen job disruption say they would still pay more for sustainable products. - Across ideologies: Nearly half (46%) of Republicans say the ...

likely as anyone else to say the pandemic has made them personally more sustainable. “The collective consciousness on sustainability is rising, and certainly ...

Americans believe life at home is more sustainable - Six in 10 Americans (59%) say working from home is more sustainable than working in an office, with just ...

heat and cool large workplaces (64%). - Americans who have been more sustainable lately cite driving less as the number one reason (68%), followed by buying

RELEASE Consumers Agree: It’s Too Hard to be Sustainable Study: While consumers want to make sustainable choices, confusion and lack of transparency made ...

Democrats say that sustainability is important and are trying to make sustainable choices. But despite the strong support, nearly half of consumers (48 ...

environmentally-friendly and make sustainable choices, but many don’t know what ingredients make up their products, and how sustainable those ingredients are,” said ...

them get over these hurdles, and for brands to market and deliver more sustainable products with greater transparency on where they come from to feed this ...

Millennials are most likely to believe sustainability is important and make sustainable choices (78 percent), followed by Boomers (76 percent), Gen X (71 percent) ...

of sustainability It’s still too hard to understand if a product is sustainable - 56 percent of consumers say they look at the ingredients label when

Notpla Notpla Limited



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created unique machines and materials to package your products in the most sustainable way. Discover how it works Solutions to reduce plastic waste Take a ...

production is managed sustainably. Discover more about the 'wonderkid' of the sustainable ocean movement: @notpla @ASC_aqua #AskAnOceanExpert Lucozade Sport @LucozadeSport ...

Founded by Pierre Paslier & Rodrigo García González, Notpla offers sustainable packaging made from seaweed and plants. More: 📲Voting is exclusive

is not currently available for retail purchase as we are primarily a Sustainable Packaging company. We do however sell Oohos for large events and parties ...

Education or school enquiry It is great that you are interested in sustainable packaging solutions. If you are trying to find out more about the science


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December 2018 UN GLOBAL COMPACT To help communicate our commitment to sustainable development, in August 2014, Sindicatum joined the UN Global Compact, ...

Compact sustainability report: - 2016 Report - 2017 Report - 2018 Report Sustainable Investing Sustainability is crucial to our investment approach and to ...

clean air. Consequently our aim is to produce long term supplies of these sustainable products as well as related environmental commodities. In an increasingly ...

maintained. This approach helps safeguard our future. Sustainable Resources are Vital to a Sustainable Economy Despite technological progress the global ...

increasingly scarce. What’s more, such commodities are often produced from un-sustainable, fossil sources, which have a finite life and in the case of fossil fuels ...

through the production of long-term “sustainable resources”, in order to help displace our reliance on un-sustainable sources. We aim to create supplies

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, Mr Teo Siong Seng, Chairman Singapore Business Federation SINGAPORE, 9 October 2014. Sindicatum Sustainable Resources ...

Singapore Sustainability Awards showcase the most innovative and impactful sustainable practices and green solutions among organizations in Singapore. This award ...

implementation of sustainable practice encompassing economic, social and environmental dimensions, to achieve the common goal of a sustainable future for all ...

at the forefront of suffering from climate change.” About Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Group Sindicatum is a developer, owner and operator of clean ...

clean energy projects that reduce greenhouse gases and produce sustainable resources (clean energy, biogas, biomass, solar power, water and physical commodities) ...

Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA) a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and

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