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Search Cellana Receives $5.5 Million USDA and DOE Grant to Develop New Algae-Based Animal Feeds (Kona, Hawaii, May 12, 2011) — Kona-based Cellana LLC, a ...

award was made through a competitive selection process. Cellana LLC, a subsidiary of Cellana, Inc. (formerly HR BioPetroleum, Inc.), will receive $5,521 ...

trials using algae biomass provided by Cellana to identify the most economical and efficacious strains of algae. “Cellana is looking forward to providing affordable ...

” noted Martin Sabarsky, president and CEO of Cellana, Inc. In addition to the new grant program, Cellana has programs with universities in the U.S. and ...

feed, has reached its peak in global production and become expensive. “Cellana is also looking forward to providing a commercially viable supply of renewable ...

track for this commercial deployment by 2014,” Sabarsky added. About Cellana Cellana, a Hawaii-founded developer of algae-based biofuels and bioproducts

- Investors - News & Events - News - Events - Media - Search Cellana Appoints Michael J. Kamdar as President Seasoned Biopharmaceutical Executive ...

Commercialization Efforts (SAN DIEGO, CA AND KAILUA-KONA, HI – May 22, 2013) – Cellana, Inc., a leading developer of algae-based bioproducts for the pharmaceutical ...

industries, announced the appointment of Michael J. Kamdar as president of Cellana. Kamdar will be primarily responsible for commercialization, business development ...

development and operations. “We are very pleased to have Michael join the Cellana team. His track record of success in building, funding and leading biotechnology ...

on the high-value portion in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical oils.” “Cellana is entering an exciting growth stage as it begins to see its leading position ...

agreements and commercialization,” said Kamdar. “I look forward to joining the Cellana team and helping the company achieve its goals of utilizing its one-of-a-kind

Iogen Iogen Corporation



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  • Core data such as location, employees, revenues
  • Similar and peer companies
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Web Quotes

Virent (on development of biogasoline), as well as a joint venture called Cellana (research of marine algae for vegetable oil). Cautionary Statement This

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