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There are 2 companies in the field of Biofuel on spotfolio that produce or deliver products, that utilize or research technologies or that are otherwise engaged in topics such as Algal-Biofuel .

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PIARCS, PBC offers revolutionary scientific solutions in the area of algal biofuel production and wastewater treatment. Leveraging the founder’s interdisciplinary ...

licensing. Based on the founder’s theoretical publications in the area of algal biofuel production, PIARCS’ early R&D aims to validate and patent novel bioreactor ...

expansion strategy will focus on licensing its IP at low cost to end-users (algal biofuel producers, wastewater treatment plants and fertilizer producers), and ...

resources at no additional cost. Business Highlights - PIARCS’ IP on algal biofuel production proposes a patentable novel bioreactor design maximizing biomass

Call Us: 562.310.7570 - holland@piarcs.org - RSS Algal Biofuel PIARCS, PBC / Algal Biofuel - PCT application submitted Oct. 14th 2014 with Marsh Fischmann ...

$92/barrel - Licensing price on the order of $0.05/gallon per year for Algal Biofuel production facilities Market PIARCS’ target transportation fuel market




  • Technologies
  • Core data such as location, employees, revenues
  • Similar and peer companies
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project supports the Department’s goal of producing 2,500 gallons of algal biofuel feedstock per acre per year by 2018, an important milestone toward reducing

will develop a systems approach for sustainable commercialization of algal biofuel (such as renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel) and bioproducts. NAABB

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